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Would you like to get involved with building Yale’s alumni ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship? Now is your chance!

Apply today for the inaugural Accelerate Yale Governing Board!

Accelerate Yale is accepting applications for a new board of leaders who want to create an impact for Yale startups and innovators. 


The Governing Board will be responsible for scaling Accelerate Yale’s reach into the global Yale innovation and entrepreneurship community with events, speakers, learning opportunities, and collaborative connections. 


APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday, JULY 23, 2023 at 11:59 pm PT






Accelerate Yale is ready to grow and scale! To get to the next level and beyond, we are building a Governing Board to help us get more talented Yalies involved in building the ecosystem for Yale entrepreneurship and innovation. 


The Governing Board will consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, and Co-Chairs of six sub-committees that are vital to the growth of the Yale entrepreneurial ecosystem. Applicants who are not selected as part of the Governing Board will have opportunities to contribute their skills to the board as volunteers, and even be promoted to the Board!


  • Board members will be working board members serving in a volunteer capacity. They will be unpaid. 

  • Board members commit to serving 3 year terms, with options to be reelected.

  • Each Board member will be responsible for serving on at least two committees. 

  • The entire board will meet on a quarterly basis, while committees will meet monthly. Work will take place outside of meetings.




Executive Officers

Term: 2 years each

Time commitment: 5-10 hours/week

  • Chair: Leader of the board who sets the vision & direction, serves as the primary face of Accelerate Yale; keeps committees accountable and organization growing

  • Vice Chair: Right hand person to the Chair; collaborates with Chair on setting the vision, sounding board and close working partner to the Chair: 

  • The Chair and Vice Chair will be responsible for running the quarterly meetings.



Two co-chairs per committee

Term: 1 year each

Time commitment - 2-5 hours/week


Committees will meet on a monthly basis and work will occur during the time period between monthly committee meetings and quarterly meetings. 


  • Operations: Responsible for managing finances & authorizing expenditures; filing annual taxes, complying with; legal requirements; managing tech infrastructure; managing data

  • Marketing & Communications: Runs email marketing campaigns, creates quarterly newsletter, updates websites, runs social media, creates posters, manages communications and messaging

  • Events & Community: Develops programming for in-person and virtual events. Identifies speakers and topics. Develops outreach and ongoing engagement strategies with members of the Accelerate Yale community. 

  • Fundraising & Partnerships: Identifies partners and cultivates long-term relationships with partners. Raises money for the organization.

  • Governance: Holds Board members accountable to by-laws and requirements; responsible for elections, nominations, appointments, and, transparent governance processes

  • Yale Angels: Runs annual pitch competition. Develops the nascent Yale Angels sub-organization as a network to connect Yale founders with Yale investors




  • Board members must be verified students or Yale alumni of Yale College or the graduate and professional schools. 

  • If selected to serve, Board members will serve terms of 3 years and commit to attending quarterly meetings (virtual). 



Contact Wendy at or Grace at

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