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Yale Angels, an affiliate of Accelerate Yale, is a network of active alumni entrepreneurs, investors and innovators working to support student and alumni companies emerging from the Yale ecosystem. Yale Angels has an educational mission and seeks to facilitate opportunities for alumni interested in learning about and investing in early stage companies on an individual basis. As the first Yale alumni angel network, Yale Angels is dedicated to strengthening the bonds between Yale alumni, students, and the broader Yale University community.


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Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream started as a wildly successful pop-up experience in New York in 2016.


The company quickly launched pop-up locations in Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco, where it maintains a permanent location. In its first three full years in business, the company sold over 1.5 Million tickets, generated $70 Million in revenue and has been profitable since day one. MOIC became a global Instagram phenomenon and won last year’s Webby Award for best overall social media presence. Museum of Ice Cream has successfully launched an ice cream line at Target, Safeway and Albertsons, a beauty line in Sephora, and a ticketing partnership with American Express. The brand is a trailblazer in the experience economy and is built on the core tenets of imagination, connection and creativity.


The Series A is the company’s first outside fundraise and will go toward the build out of new permanent locations globally, which are already under construction. The second closing of the Series A round will occur on September 30, 2019 – please contact us if you are interested in learning more about and participating in Elizabeth Street Ice Cream, LLC (“ESIC”).


Media about Museum of Ice Cream:

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DISCLAIMER: Yale Angels serves as an alumni resource and educational organization in the area of private equity and venture investing for alumni of Yale University generally. Yale Angels does not endorse or solicit investment in any company featured on Yale Angels’ website. Each Member of Yale Angels is individually responsible for their own due diligence and research before making any investments. Should a Member of Yale Angels choose to make an investment in any company featured on Yale Angels’ website, that decision should be based on the Member’s own personal due diligence and research. Angel investing is a high-risk activity, and one should not invest any money unless they are comfortable losing 100% of their investment. On average, early-stage investments are illiquid for 10 years.

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